The power of the lawnmower

Choosing the lawnmower is less easy than you might think! It indicates the engine’s ability to tackle lawns with drier and more stubbly grasses, which could block a model with less horsepower (often indicated in Kw). Typically you have no reason to worry about the engine power of your lawnmower unless your garden is particularly large. Up to 250 square meters of lawn will be sufficient a power of 4 horsepower. Also remember that more powerful engines consume more fuel, are noisier and often easier to handle. We strongly advise against the purchase of electric lawnmowers, not so much for the power, which is sometimes adequate, but for the annoying wire that greatly slows down the cutting operations and for the grass collection bins that are always very small and require frequent pauses to empty them. You can choose between commercial lawn mower brands, or choose some less popular brands.

Cutting width and blade of the lawn mower

Indicates the diameter of the circumference generated by the blades of the mower. In this case a larger width means less passes and less time of use. This is an important factor if you have a medium-large lawn, even if at the same time a larger cutting width means a lawn mower of greater size and difficulty of transport. When evaluating this feature, try to look directly at the lawnmower, lifting it up and looking at the blade. Be wary of single or flat blade lawn mowers. The ideal blade is double and slightly beveled.


The lawn mower wheels are a very important detail, always remember to check the quality of this component. They must be solid and with a generously sized pivot. They must be adjustable in height at different levels, both front and back. Many lawnmowers have the possibility to help us with the thrust thanks to wheels directly connected to the motor of our lawnmower (they are called self-propelled). Attention, when you choose a model with this feature remember that when one of the wheels stops working for any reason, you will have to change the entire lawnmower. So choose a quality product or rather if you are in doubt choose a product not self-propelled but with better quality-price features.


Mulching represents the ability to shred the grass and redistribute it on the ground in order to create natural fertilizer for the lawn. This feature is certainly a strong added value for a lawn mower even if sometimes the cost may rise in the presence of this feature. For small spaces and amounts of grass this option is not a great advantage as the wind or simply the trampling of the lawn can completely cancel out the positive effect of mulching on small plots. Choose this feature if you have a lawn larger than 150 sqm.

The brand

A good lawn mower engine makes it easier to work. The brand is for many an important synonym of quality. In the world of lawnmowers this is partly true and partly not. Certainly it is true about motors. The engines of known brands are always reliable (especially Tecumseh and Honda), but beware … often lawnmowers of unknown brand or assembled in other countries mount brand engines perfectly identical to those found on “famous” lawnmowers. The lawnmowers of small companies are in fact often built around a brand engine with components even more solid than their competitors. While large companies offer motor guarantees, they often tend to use poor materials such as plastic for the shell or other components of the lawnmower. So our advice is: brand engine, but metal lawnmower made by a small company.