When you are about to start a garden, it is good to have a checklist so that you can maintain your garden in an organized manner. This checklist can also be used to help with decorating and planning your landscape.

The first thing that you need to do is determine what is a good garden. There are some gardens that are more attractive than others, but if you have no idea what makes a garden look attractive, then this first step is for you.

There are some people who would rather have a well-established garden where they can avoid tilling every year. They do not like the method of using soil as mulch, but a little work on the soil with mulch or compost can turn their hearts into stone.

You can use a garden rake, garden spade, and garden fork to help you tiller your garden. If you have access to a wheelbarrow or a backhoe, then you can move heavy debris.

When you purchase garden tools, remember that it is important to get them to fit the size of your yard. Having a wheelbarrow that is too small will be useless when you are trying to move materials or bulky plants. It would be far better to get a wider wheelbarrow that is able to carry larger items.

Consider the style of your garden, and decide on the best shape that is going to fit your landscaping style. Also, you may want to consider where you would like to plant the garden.

The shape of your garden and the personality of your home will determine the type of plants that you should be growing, as well as the types of flowers and shrubs that you should be planting. A Spanish feel to your garden will require a Mexican shrub, while a Mediterranean feel will require a variety of Mediterranean plants.

There are many landscaping styles that can be used, such as a Neo-Gothic, Neo-Classical, or Country style. You can achieve many styles by just taking a stroll through the store.

A garden that is covered with hedges can work well with a small square space. You can also cover your garden with an open area of grass and herbs and flowers.

However, there are some gardens that can be better decorated without the use of landscaping tools. You can have a tea party in the evening or plan a picnic in the backyard if you use the right type of landscaping tools.

Use antique garden tools like a spoon, a sledgehammer, a wedge, a spade, and a hoe. You can purchase these in gardening stores, or you can simply find them in antique shops.

When you are searching for new and old accessories, remember that all furniture, tools, and decorations can be found online. While many people purchase furnishings in discount furniture stores, there are other ways to find the same pieces for much cheaper.