In any self-respecting kitchen or laboratory, the oven is one of the most important tools.

An absolutely indispensable ally whose objective is to facilitate those who use it and allow them to bake preparations cooked to perfection. A commercial gas pizza oven can be also included in this list.

The market today offers various solutions, increasingly avant-garde, but the first consideration to be made when deciding to purchase a new oven, or to replace the obsolete one, is to decide the type of food it should have.

There are situations in which the use of a wood-burning oven is impractical, or even impossible: just think of the important size of the model, the availability and storage of wood, or particular administrative bans of your municipality. In these cases, gas or electric ovens are a good solution.

Thanks to the ease of use, electronic temperature control, greater hygiene due to the lack of soot and reduced consumption, you often decide to opt for a gas oven.

All the more reason, if the room already has a feeding system of this type and you want to use it for the preparation of food, sweets and pizzas, the choice is almost obligatory.

If you are about to buy a new professional gas oven, you are probably looking for information and advice on the best model on the market.

Among the main features that are immediately taken into account during the choice phase, there are certainly the size of the oven and cooking stability, but there are also other important aspects to know and evaluate, so that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Before seeing which factors should not be underestimated during the choice of the gas oven, let’s discover how this type of instrument works. In this way, it will be easier to evaluate the technologies needed for your work and manage temperatures in the best possible way.

How does a gas oven work?

The gas oven, at first sight, may seem similar to the electric one, especially if you look at it from an aesthetic point of view. What makes the difference is the way the heat is produced.

Gas ovens have a burner housed under the hob that generates heat. Through heat conveyors, the heat is propagated both by radiation and convection, thanks to the movement of hot air that is created inside the cooking chamber. Different models of professional gas ovens are also equipped with a grill coil located in the upper part of the cooking chamber.

The temperature is adjusted by means of a knob or display connected to a sensor, usually halfway up the back wall.

When the oven is turned on, the burner works at maximum power, but once the desired degrees have been reached it is reduced in order to produce only the heat necessary to keep the desired temperature constant.

The possibility of adjusting and increasing the degrees in the chamber in a short time, in a simple and immediate way, makes this type of instruments more functional than wood-fired models, especially if we are talking about gas ovens for pizza. In wood-fired ovens, in fact, raising the temperature if there is a sudden influx of customers, would not be such a quick and timely operation.

Among the strengths of professional gas ovens, there is undoubtedly the reduction of energy consumption, ease of use and speed in reaching high temperatures.

6 Tips for selecting the perfect professional gas oven

A good gas oven offers several advantages, as we have just seen. It is a tool that has become common to many activities in recent years precisely because it combines practicality and an excellent end result in cooking.

There are 6 fundamental aspects that you should take into account when choosing your oven and that could make the difference between the different models. Let’s find out together what they are.

Cooking stability and thermal insulation of the oven

Especially for gas-fired ovens, it is important to check that the materials with which they are made guarantee uniform baking and keep the set temperature stable.

A stainless steel oven, for example, precisely because of the intrinsic characteristics of the material, which make it an excellent conductor, will certainly be able to better manage temperature controls.

The thermal stability inside the oven, in fact, allows to obtain perfectly cooked dishes always, even in case of intense work.

Well-designed insulation and an optimal coating make it possible to avoid costly heat loss which, in addition to negatively affecting the food during cooking, would make the working environment excessively hot and unpleasant.

In addition, good refractory stone and insulation must be designed and manufactured to increase cooking stability. In this way, unnecessary heat loss that would increase consumption is avoided.

Temperature control and management systems

Before purchasing the furnace, it is a good idea to evaluate the temperatures that the model under consideration can reach and that the design power is sufficient to support them.

The possibility to set a wide range of temperatures allows you to select the ideal one according to the preparation you want to realize. Each activity, in fact, has its own needs and has to manage different cooking.

For this reason, it is important to be clear, before making the purchase, how many degrees your oven must reach and the level of control it must offer you. Some models give the possibility to regulate the temperature thanks to independent chambers, managed through electronic control panels, making the process easier and more practical.

Customized programs for preparations

For cooking, roasting or simply leavening your preparation, the ideal oven is the one that allows you to bake the desired dishes, with different programs specifically designed to ensure the success of any recipe.

To get the most out of it and have recipes that are yours alone, make sure, however, that your professional gas oven has the cooking programs you need and, above all, the possibility of memorizing the combinations of programs that you think are best suited to your work.

Some activities may require heat in specific phases of the process, while others require greater humidity control in the cooking chamber to obtain the right degree of softness. Some confectionery products, such as croissants, need a jet of steam in the front of the oven to give shine and the right composition of the crust.

Therefore, according to the baking needs, it is possible to identify the most suitable oven, or to consider a model that allows you to range in the technique used. If, for example, your business offers different types of products, having an oven that allows you to set different functions is certainly an advantage.

Having the possibility to store and customize the combinations of the programs you prefer is certainly an opportunity, but in order to be really useful you must also make sure that it is easy to use and set up.

Having a professional gas oven with immediate and understandable operation optimizes both the production speed and the speed of implementation.

Dimensions and capacity of the gas oven

The capacity of an oven is important: whether you want to raise and bake bread, or make panettone, pizza and small pastries, the baking rooms must be large enough.

The dimensions of the ovens are evaluated according to:

  • Number of rooms;
  • Depth of rooms;
  • Number of trays each room can contain.

A not inconsiderable parameter is the height. In pastry shops, for example, the lower chambers are well suited to baking biscuits, while the higher chambers are ideal for leavened products. Generally speaking, we can say that the height of the baking chamber must be defined according to the type of product that must be inserted in it to be baked.

When evaluating the size of the model best suited to your needs, you should take into account 3 factors:

  1. Space available in the room where the instrument is to be placed.
  2. Production capacity needed to satisfy your customers.
  3. Size of the product you are going to cook.
  4. Finally, having the possibility to adjust the hob helps to make the professional gas oven modular according to your needs.

Hyper-technological design and functionality of the oven

An oven with a well-kept design and lines represents a solution that adapts and integrates harmoniously into any type of environment.

If your laboratory is not visible and you think that this feature is not for you, you are wrong. In fact, the design is not only about the beauty of the coloured and tempered glass cladding, but also other features that could be very useful for you.

A user interface designed to be attractive and rational is just the beginning of a user experience focused on a simple and intuitive approach to all the functions of the professional oven.

Therefore, having a model that has a large and capacitive display that allows you to select, manage and control each recipe, and doors with a window to easily look inside the cooking chamber can be not only pleasing to the eye, but also extremely useful.

Car wash and oven cleaning system

Among the many features of the gas oven that you need to take into consideration, from the overall dimensions to the accessories, from the steam function to the door with internal glass that can be opened, the aspect that you probably did not pay attention to is cleaning.

Yet, every day, sanitizing work tools is an operation that takes up considerable amounts of time and requires great attention and specific products. For these reasons, when choosing a new oven model, its ease of cleaning should also be taken into consideration.

The latest generation ovens, such as Windy by Italforni for example, are equipped with an effective and fast car wash system. Some models, moreover, are equipped with practical removable crumb collection drawers that simplify the cleaning of the oven.